Get in the best shape of your life while learning the most powerful martial arts in the world!

XS Martial Arts Dojo is a family-run school with a focus on reinforcing family values. The atmosphere at our school creates friendship, camaraderie, support, accomplishment and team spirit. And we train even the youngest members of your family, ages three and up, because we believe the family that kicks together sticks together! XS Martial Arts Dojo has been offering instruction and training in martial arts since 2002. Located in New Orleans, LA, XS Martial Arts Dojo has produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts. Ma-KiBo-Karate Do MA-KIBO-KARATE-DO® (The way of Martial Arts through Kick Boxing and Karate) – is a martial arts fighting system created by Sensei Jason B. Horne “X”. The fighting system is a combination of Shoto Kan (Japanese Style), Tae Kwon Do (Korean Style), American Freestyle Kickboxing, and Ground Fighting. This system is designed to give students a variety of tools to use to defend themselves. The system is taught in a non-traditional style, and this is the reason our dojo is different from most KARATE SCHOOLS. We constantly alternate between the styles throughout our curriculum, and this is one of the largest benefits our school. Our students learn the fierce/hard techniques of the Shoto Kan style; the high kicks and agility of the Tae Kwon Do style; the stamina, constant movement, pound-for-pound techniques of the Kick Boxer; and the cunning and joint manipulation of the Ground Fighter.

We provide:
• Individual & family programs
• Transported after-school programs
• Summer Camps
• Self-defense, strength-training & Black Belt training

After School Program 2017/2018
We Pick up! Kids get active!
When you enroll your child in our After School Program, we provide more than just quality care. We work to ensure your child’s academic and behavioral improvement for everyday life. XS MAD provides mentorship and homework assistance. In addition, we teach your child our unique martial arts program – “Ma-Kibo-Karate-Do.” The program is designed to keep the students motivated and challenged so parents can expect academic and behavioral improvement for school and everyday life. Call 504-558-9850 to register.




3038 Earhart Blvd New Orleans, LA 70125