Octave School of Music Our Philosophy 

We know how lessons are, and we want to change them. Years in this industry has taught me that how lessons are taught are great for teachers but not for students. Teachers and schools are quick to fit a student in a prescribed curriculum or “cookie cutter.”

​This is a big problem.

Students are all different. From likes and dislikes, paper and plastic, Saints or some other football team, people just aren’t the same. The way they are taught shouldn’t be either. We believe that students have the right to learn their own way.  We bring a fully integrated experience to your music lessons. From theory to performing, composing to proper technique.

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Music theory is quite literally the language of music. Like learning Spanish when you travel to Mexico it is necessary to understand the signs and go where you want to be. Our music theory classes start where you are.  Whether you’ve been playing for years and looking to dig deeper, or if you have no idea what you looking at. Such as people who call the sharps in music hashtags and so on.

You will learn some music history and the origins of why music is the way it is today. The current system of music notation wasn’t meant to torture students as many believe, but it’s actually the easiest way to read what they (composers) are trying to tell you.

Whether you are looking to write music or simply understand it music theory is the way to get there.

  • Why does this song sound fantastic? 
  • What chord fits best here? 
  • Why does this song sound so happy? 
  • What is so different about this song? 
  • How can their be so many different songs with the same patterns?

These questions and many many more are what music theory is made to answer. Music theory is the intellectual link to the heart and soul of good sounds that we hear.



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