Based on the belief that God is the center of all being, the staff of St. Edward the Confessor School strives to foster the spiritual, intellectual, personal, social, creative, and physical development of each child. The faculty hopes to instill in each student the concept that religion is a way of life; enabling practice of Christian values with a sense of justice, service, and democracy in an ever changing society.

School History and Patron Saint

St Edward the Confessor School was established September 1, 1965, by Archbishop John P. Cody, with Father Alvin O’Reilly as Founding Pastor, to meet the spiritual and educational needs of a rapidly expanding suburban area. The school has grown with the community, expanding facilities every few years to meet the needs of our students. St. Edward offers a fine physical plant, certified and dedicated teachers, and programs that extend the highest degree of excellence possible to all students.

St. Edward the Confessor (1003 – 1066)St. Edward the Confessor became King of England in 1042 at the age of 40. Because of the Danish invasions, he had been sent by his father as a boy to Normandy where he grew up. He returned to England as a man to serve as the last of the Anglo-Saxon kings.
Edward was a pious man. He attended Mass daily and was a strong supporter of religious institutions. Probably the most outstanding monument to his religious zeal is Westminister Abbey which he ordered rebuilt.
Edward was also known for his generosity to the poor and for his patience and even temper. Visions and miracles were attributed to him during his life. In 1161, he was canonized by Pope Alexander III.
Despite worldly power and wealth, Edward did not forget to seek first the Kingdom of God. His faith was more precious to him than his position as King, for which reason he is known as Edward the Confessor. He teaches us that even in the midst of material abundance man can live for God.



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