Sacred Heart of Jesus School is a traditional Catholic Elementary School located in the community of Norco, Louisiana. Founded in 1959 and rooted in the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sacred Heart School provides a nurturing, child-centered environment for learning which encompasses a curriculum based on faith, tradition, and high academic standards. The sense of family, community, academic excellence, and commitment to living the Catholic faith defines Sacred Heart School.

Sacred Heart of Jesus School includes a 2 year old Early Learning Center, a Montessori early childhood program for Pre-K3, Pre-K 4 and Kindergarten, and 1st through 7th grades. The curriculum is enhanced with a computer lab, Hatch tablets, Ipads, Smart Boards, science lab, library, a fine arts department including Art, Music (based on the Orff program), and Drama, foreign languages (Spanish and French), and 7th grade students are offered pre-Algebra. The students participate in weekly masses, service learning projects, the Living Rosary, Living Nativity, Passion Plays, May Crowning, middle school retreats, daily religion classes, and Catholic faith and doctrine is integrated across the curriculum.

Mission & Philosophy

Sacred Heart School derives its purpose from the mission of the Catholic Church to spread the Gospel message throughout the world. As an educational community, we exist to nurture the Christian formation of each student and to promote academic excellence. We continually strive to develop the spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth of each student. Our environment is where the dignity of each person is valued and God’s presence in each individual is recognized. Here we support each student as a member of the Sacred Heart family helping them to reach their potential as a Christian individual who is committed to faith, service, and justice and who is destined for life in a changing society. At Sacred Heart we call upon the traditions of the past, utilize the gifts of the present, and look hopefully to the future.



453 Spruce St, Norco, LA 70079