• Our Mission

    Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we follow the example of Jesus, the Master Teacher, in our ministry to evangelize, catechize, and educate in a caring, efficient, and collaborative manner.

    The mission of the Office of Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New Orleans is to ensure our schools create a quality educational experience and a nurturing environment. We encourage the maturity of the whole person, with emphasis on academic preparation in accordance with Christ’s teachings.

    Our Vision

    In service to our New Orleans Catholic schools the goals and priorities of the Office of Catholic Schools are to:

    • foster Catholic identity through the Gospel teachings of Jesus so that Christ’s presence permeates every aspect of each Catholic School;
    • build and model a faith community;
    • empower the leadership of each Catholic school;
    • support Catholic schools with leadership, services, and resources;
    • call each school and its leadership to responsibility;
    • direct and implement all archdiocesan and state policies.



7887 Walmsley Avenue New Orleans, LA 70125-3431