Families Helping Families of Jefferson is a resource center staffed by trained, knowledgeable parents of children with disabilities since 1991.

 What Do We Do:

  • We answer questions and provide assistance for any disability, any age.
  • We teach you to advocate for your child and over time your child will learn to self-advocate.
  • We help you navigate support systems and overcome challenges in these systems.
  • You are not alone:  1 in 8 children in Louisiana have a disability.
  • Their Louisiana Parent Training and Information Center helps families statewide.

Families Helping Families of Jefferson has been incorporated since November of 1991. Because of our multiple funding sources, we are fortunate enough to provide services and support to every parish in the state of Louisiana. Our core programs are information and referral, education and training and peer support. We are an IRS 501(c)3 organization that is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 51% parents of children with disabilities.

FHF of Jefferson partners with numerous organizations, state offices and others to offer a wide array to support and resources to families.  We are also part of a statewide network of ten Families Helping Families Centers. We are the only family directed resource center in Jefferson Parish that provides support for ALL disabilities.

FHF of Jefferson is unique because our support staff is all parents of children with disabilities or individuals with disabilities.  Because of their knowledge and through their experience and passion – they teach parents and professionals that support children and adults with disabilities how to navigate the complex service delivery system.  They know firsthand the challenges and obstacles and commit their time to teaching others, less experienced, what they’ve learned and what to anticipate.  Many parents tell us our staff is the first person to ever understand their daily challenges and rewards.

If you need support, we are here for you!



201 Evans Road Building 1, Suite 100 Harahan, LA 70123