Anniversary Spotlight: Children’s Hair Palace
Children’s Hair Palace is no stranger to business or marketing with Kids & Family. She has had a successful business in Kenner for 32 years and going strong! She also happens to be one of our original customers with Kids & Family dating back to the first issue in October of 1997. She loves sharing her skills and making local families happy.  First haircuts are a big deal and patience is key in dealing with little ones especially. Katy has all that and more! She also prides herself in offering services for special needs children, which give her great joy.  She credits Kids & Family to a large portion of her success and longevity. She is 100 percent satisfied with her ad with us and attests that the magazine can be found everywhere! Her beginnings with us have a unique story. Reluctant at first, we offered her a great deal to be a part of our inaugural issue.  As a result a news person found her ad, came to her business and produced a news story on her business too.  Since then she increased her ad from our smallest to our largest and has never missed an issue to date! As long as we are around and she is around, we’ll be serving her marketing needs. She even shared a story that all too often, she will get parents picking up the magazine in the doctor’s office and calling from there to book their appointment.
Children’s Hair Palace is a great asset to our family of satisfied and long term customers. We appreciate all she does for the community as well.  To learn more about Children’s Hair Palace visit her online or like her on Facebook at
A great big thanks to Katy Medina @ Children’s Hair Palace!