Tips for a Safer Summer

Tips for a Safer Summer

Ah, summer. Does it bring to mind carefree, lazy days filled with snowballs, flip-flops, and swimming pools? That’s a lovely image. But, be honest — does your parenting brain also see a minefield of potential hazards, like Zika-carrying mosquitos, skin cancer-inducing sunburns, and drowning risks?


No matter where you fall on the neurotic spectrum, we could all benefit from a refresher course on summer safety — just in case.



Try to avoid midday heat, make sure everyone is drinking plenty of water, and never leave anyone, especially children or the elderly, in a closed car, even for a few minutes.



Never allow children near water unattended, and watch them constantly. A child can drown in a mere six inches of water. And always wear life jackets while boating.



Be sure to reapply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every hour, and after swimming or excessive sweating. Sunburns not only hurt, but they raise your risk of skin cancer.



Mosquito bites are certainly annoying, but they can also transmit illnesses. Drain standing water around your yard, and be sure to wear insect repellant or long sleeves/pants, especially at dusk and dawn, when they’re most active.


Poison Ivy

Remember the old adage: “Leaves of three, let it be.” But if you come into contact with poison ivy, avoid touching your face and eyes, be sure to wash thoroughly, and don’t scratch. Seek medical attention in cases of severe reactions, like swelling of the eyes or difficulty breathing or swallowing.


First Aid/CPR

This is an excellent time for the whole family to learn (or refresh) first aid and CPR skills. The American Red Cross and YMCA are excellent places to start. Click the links to find classes near you.